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Colorado Rockies experience: Gentle forest walks, exploring Native American History, Forest Immersion/ShinRinYoku, hiking the Rockies, plein air art

World, North America, USA, Monument

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    art, eco projects, farming, guided tours, language, rock climbing/hiking...
  • private room, private apartment, shared room, shared apartment, tent
  • partial
us$ 60

Number of travelers

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About the experience

We can host up to 8 travelers*

Experience the many unique versions of the Colorado Rockies adventures:
Eco tourism guided tours of Mountain Hiking, Forest immersion/ deep meditation experience aka "forest immersion breathing", Native American sacred sites and Culturally Modified Trees. Other Colorado experiences also available. Have your own art Classes in plein air outdoors or studio art, Nature photography, high altitude organic gardening farm to table; gourmet outdoor cooking and more!

To plan your trip, remember to fly into the convenient airports and rent a car ahead of time. The most efficient way to get here is to fly into Denver DIA airport and drive a rental car to us, about 30 to 45 minutes from Denver. We can give you directions -it's easy. Or you can fly into Colorado Springs Airport COS and rent a car. Almost everything you would like to do near here is in walking distance or within 10-20 minute car ride to some of the most spectacular scenery, geology, and Native American historical sites on Earth.

( By the way we have dogs, and cat on premises, but not in living area.) Wildlife throughout the area- daily you may see deer, elk, bears, raccoons, more; hummingbirds, bluebirds, songbirds, eagles, hawks, falcons. So much wildlife here!


We have a no smoking policy home, just fyi. Bedrooms (2) sleep 2 per; up to 6 for sleeping - using the large great room we can add cots as well . Shared bathroom and shared great room with walkout to 11 forested acres with meadow, stream and pond. (Local Marriott hotel will accommodate larger groups for sleeping), and we meet at our local adventure spots at appointed times for the guided walk experience. Gentle hikes in the forest and mountains and local scenic areas such as Garden of the Gods are easy for everyone and every age. Intermediate hikes include hikes with flat Trails and steep incline areas, but relatively strenuous due to the high altitude. (There are also very strenuous hikes for advanced hikers including hiking areas of the Front Range). There are also opportunities to take the Pikes Peak Highway up to the top of Pikes Peak, and areas with lakes, Forest, and more. Hikes and picnics outdoors are great favorites with everybody.W

About the host

Janetlee (56)

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German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese

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I am the owner of Artzone Studios Productions which I founded in 1994, and the Honoring Native Wisdom sites of Colorado outdoor experience that I started some years later when I realized there were no other experiences available like this for travelers. We have a large space on our first floor, and a nice Marriott hotel close by for larger groups. We are incredibly pleased to offer this Colorado Rockies and Indian sites experience to travelers around the globe. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about this unique travel experience. We offer guided walking tours, self-guided tours with local maps and local handy hints, nearby fishing, horseback riding, golf, more.

My project blog

Colorado Rocky Mountain Experience: casual, low key, fun

March 18, 2018

Today started out sunny and bright, warm, and we had breakfast outdoors on the deck overlooking the meadows and forests. Clouds are rolling in now, promising much-needed rain for the Rocky Mountain wildflowers. March is a fun month, plenty of sunshine as always, with some rain and even snow - we can nordic ski in the morning and by afternoon, the snow is melted and we take a forest hike!

Experience dates

Open year-round, contact us for availability

Type of experience offered

  • Art
  • Eco projects
  • Farming
  • Guided tours
  • Language
  • Rock climbing/hiking
  • Yoga retreats
  • Photography

What's included?

experience or class hours

  • 3 hours a day
  • 3 days a week


  • private room, private apartment, shared room, shared apartment, tent

Shared or private rooms on first floor is down the stairs, 2 bedrooms, shared bathroom with shower, and very large shared living room space, walk out to 11 wooded acres, meadows, stream, small lake, forest walks. Nearby Marriott hotel for larger groups.

House rules to keep us all comfortable:
These are simple, courtesy requests for the comfort and safety of all our household and guests, and to protect each of our guests, we have set a zero tolerance for breaking the rules which results in immediate removal, and there is no refund for unused accommodation.
Smoking not allowed. Due to health and safety reasons, we cannot allow smokers, we have set a zero tolerance. Our area has a fire and smoking ban for outdoors as well to prevent wildfires.
Please keep our home secure and lock doors and windows when leaving the house.
We provide breakfast in our dining area, and a microwave for you to use sometimes - please ask first .
No pets allowed.
Please do not bring strangers into our home = no unregistered guests.
Please respect our home but feel comfortable, plenty of room to relax in your area of the house.
Please keep quiet after 10 pm.

about meals

  • partial

some food is included. Please include specific information.

The Rocky Mountain hike/walk experience offers continental breakfast. For other meals our guests enjoy great local food and meals for lunches and dinners at our wonderful local bistros, brew pubs and cafes, as well as local farmers markets and take outs from both cafes and supermarkets.

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